Congratulations to all the witchy housy artists who finally got on Spotify:

High Park, CRIM3S, Gummy Bear, Dream Boat, Unison…


Lesbianhoness here. This blog is pretty much dead. Why? Music so far in 2012 has been terrible. Like, wtf bro. Plus I don’t have the patience to blog about shitty music or reblog the same 5 artists over and over again because that’s all I’m into these days.

These are the artists I’ve been into so far in 2012 and barely any of them have even released an album in years, so it’s not new to anybody:

Azalea Banks,  Black Angels, High On Fire, and Black Mountain, Burzum, and Bethlehem, and almost anything released by Aural Sects.

Well, thanks for all the followers and supporters over the past year. This isn’t a goodbye, but a see you in another life blog farewell. Witch Tapes is still up and running, that blog isn’t going away any time soon. Also my soundcloud account is still active if anyone wants to see what I’m recently listening to on the diy tip.

- Indian Giver Yes

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Song: Jumanji

Artist: Azealia Banks


Ms. Banks is one of the few artists I’m genuinely excited about in 2012. Plus this track has BOSS LEVEL production. I smell a new feel good hit of the summer. SUMMER2K12FTW.

Song: Five Seconds

Artist: Twin Shadow


New Twin Shadow track. I’m secretly hoping he releases a Castles In the Snow v2.0 but I know that’s pretty much a pipe dream. Castles In the Snow = best track of 2010… and prolly 2011 now let’s be honest.

Song: 1MM∆ R3∆D (MADDEN remix)

Artist: Zebra Katz


MADDEN remixes are top of the line. Don’t believe me? Check out the Zebra Katz remix above, then this Lana Del Rey one and this Adele remix. This dude does ‘em right.

Song: MAGIK (Demo)

Artist: Twin-Gemz


Check out more Twin-Gemz on Soundcloud.

Song: Can’t Be Friends (Craxxxmurf Remix - Merely Remake)

Artist: Trey Songz


A Merely remix of a Craxxxmurf remix. Nicely done and thank you Merely for introducing me to the mayhem that is Craxxxmurf.

Song: Midnight City (CRO¥DON and Scully Remix)

Artist: M83



Song: Moggie

Artist: VEINS


Track off of the Broken Sunglasses EP (free to download on Soundcloud)

Song: The Chauffer

Artist: Duran Duran


This is the only Duran Duran song I actually like. And the music video for it is really on point. Enjoy.

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Song: Breaks In The Trap

Artist: Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy does a trippy blend of Nicki Minaj’s Beez In The Trap and Spy’s System Error and proves to the world wide web that they are in it to win it. This track is accompanied by a must-see music video that you can watch below. 666.

Song: Nosferatu

Artist: Wise Blood


MySonicBloodyMaryChain Jr.

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Song: I’ve Seen Footage

Artist: Death Grips


This shit is so hyphy. Haha what a good ass time.


Artist: Mrs Magician


A few years ago I delved myself in existentialist literature and it kinda ruined my life. I’ve always considered myself an atheist but it takes it to a different level when you actually sit down and psychoanalyze what being an atheist really means. Hell is other people amirite? But on another note (not really) not only is this track an ode to being godless but it’s dripping wet of the fucking 90’s.

But regardless of your spiritual leanings you should check out more Mrs. Magician on their official site.

Song: Mind Control

Artist: Hot Sugar


This track reminds me of a mix of Autechre, Ratatat and Hot Chip, if any of those bands were still relevant. I kid. For real tho check out more Hot Sugar on Bandcamp.